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I came across these lovely snowdrops today. New life emerging from the freezing cold ground. It is still Winter though. Snow is forecast. It isn’t really Spring at all yet yet new shoots are still being sent up as the light returns with these longer days.

We notice this all of the time here with the work we do at the studio. It is actually Winter; a time when biologically we should be turned inwards. Resting. Taking care with our energy. Just look how many animals hibernate at this time. However, we tend to brush this need to rest and recuperate away. Life is too busy. Too much to do. Too many people relying on us. Then taking up new things with the new year and wondering why we can’t quite sustain the changes.

We really, really need to remember that our bodies need us to notice, to take space, to allow our nervous systems to rest, to feed our depleted bodies, to eat well, to be with people who make us feel lovely. We know this seems impossible sometimes. I mean, isn’t it a bit selfish? A bit self indulgent?

Our answer is a resounding NO. It is essential. We are our bodies. They allow us to be in this world. It is just essential. Come and join us to see what this might feel like, and perhaps more importantly, how very simple it is to do.


(On a side note: these snowdrops are growing here. By the side of where I park my car is ‘wasteland’ (I think it’s lovely ‘wildland' but I suppose we recognise the term wasteland better). It isn’t really looked after. People come and dump belongings they no longer need. It could be seen as unloved and uncared for. But snowdrops still grow. The fuel is there to send out new shoots and that made me really smile this morning)

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