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Do you check your battery?

How often do you let your phone drain of battery so it turns itself off?

Most people we meet (including ourselves), check their phone battery several times a day to make sure it it charged enough. Some people even have the ‘low power’ setting turned on to preserve energy when the charge is low (this stops any non essential applications until the phone can be recharged again). Almost everyone we know, charges up their phone at least once a day.

How many times a day do you check in with your body and mind to see how you are feeling and how your energy is? Interesting question isn’t it?! If you are feeling low, do you take care of yourself by not doing anything other than what is essential? Do you rest and recharge? For example, do you notice your sore back and take steps to help it feel better such as some stretching, or do you go to a massage therapist regularly before it gets so painful it literally stops you in your tracks? Or do you read that 'dismiss' on your low power warning and ignore it?

For most of us, it seems we don’t check in with ourselves much and we take better care of our phones. We NEED our phones, they are considered to be ‘essential’. How interesting it is that we live in a culture that doesn't teach us that about our bodies- that we need to notice and take care of our minds, bodies and souls as much as our possessions?

So, we challenge you to do just that. When you check your phone- check in with your own internal battery too. If you’re tired, or your mind is really chatty, or you have discomfort, or you notice that you are gritting your teeth and holding your breath again? How about starting to think about doing something to change these patterns? What good are we with a flat battery? We know you know that answer to that.

We have this beautiful, hidden gem of a place tucked down an alleyway on King Street in Hereford called Clear Space Studios. Come and find out which method your body and mind really respond to. We have yoga, dance, pilates, tai chi, sound meditations, moving meditations, singing groups, women’s circles, mother and baby circles, singing and craft groups, massage and hypnotherapy- and the list is just growing!

Movement can stretch out tired muscles, help your breathing and heart rate regulate, it aids digestion, quietens the mind, and reduces stress and tension. Doing this is a group and building community is like super charging the whole thing; combating loneliness is one of the most important things we can do for our own health. There are so many studies showing this.

Whatever it is that plugs you back in; come and find it.

Have a look at our calendar to see what's on and come and join us.

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