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    Clear Space Studios
    Come and be part of our new space. This 5 Class Pass gives you the opportunity to try our different classes at a reduced rate. Would you like to join a yoga class but aren't quite sure what kind of yoga calls to you most? Are you interested in mindfulness or to explore what a moving meditation is?
Workshops at Clear Space and Create Space Studios

Channelled Gong and Sound Healing

with Faye Bradbury

Sunday 15th March 2020


7 - 8:30pm


To book contact: fayebradbury1998@gmail.com

or 07881955078

This is a deeply healing shamanic sound meditation using Native North American Style Flutes, drums, rattles, percussion and channelled voices and sounds, Come and explore the inner realms of your being and allow your whole being to relax and rejuvenate. This is a healing meditation. Faye channels the Ancestors and Light Beings, Angelic realms and more and every mediation is different ... the songs from the flutes, the beats of the drums and the voice work are all channelled to the needs of the group.

Please note that unfortunately this is not suitable for those with pacemakers, in their first trimester of pregnancy, severe epilepsy or acute mental health issues. if in doubt, please speak to me or to your doctor

Please go to the FB page for further information

LIMITED places for lying down to 20 people. There may be some room for sitting in addition, I advise booking please in order to not be disappointed. Thank you

Exchange is £15 Pay in advance to secure your place (non-refundable), or turn up on the evening. Paypal Friends and Family to fayebradbury1998@gmail.com.


Sound Health: An Afternoon of

Vedic Chanting and Yoga

Sunday 16th February.



To book contact:


mike@yogaskies.co.uk  07913 864 744

An evening of simple yoga movements linked to sound interwoven with simple traditional Sanskrit chants that anyone can learn around health, healing and well-being.
In addition to having a very soothing effect on the nervous system Chanting strengthens the minds ability to focus and  be present. Perfect for mind-wanderers everywhere!
In the Yoga tradition Chanting and sound is seen as a potent tool to access a depth of stillness that we rarely encounter in a world that increasingly lures us in to the shallows, often leaving us fragmented and frazzled. Come and immerse yourself in the nourishing, revitalising depths!



Metatronic Healing Meditation

with Gillian Goldfinch

Friday 13th March 2020



To book contact: gillian.goldfinch1@btinternet.com

The session will begin with a welcome and introductions followed be a brief meditation to connect the group into the session.  We will then continue into a deeper healing movement which will last approximately 40 mins.  Please bring what you need to be comfortable on the floor.

Whatever you wish the focus of the deeper healing to be, coming with that as your intention, is all that is required..  For example, you may be seeking clarity around the deeper truth of an issue you're facing, in order that you can live more freely from it.  You can also receive relaxation and healing support for any physical stress or tension you may be experiencing.

As you are held in the 'Metatronic Group Field' by these potent yet gentle energies, they open doorways to deepen and empower your experience of living life.  Metatron acts as a spiritual guide, holding the knowledge of exactly where you're at, what is ripe for healing release or to be realised in order to fulfill spiritual potential and live more fully.

Come with your interest and curiosity, and that which you wish to be free of.  No previous experience is necessary.

I hope can can join us for a graceful and peaceful evening of healing.


Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 16.10.13.png

Red Tent

with Jayne Power

Friday 6th March
and first Friday of each month thereafter.



So what is Red Tent?  It’s a space where women come together and share laughter and tears, congratulate and commiserate on another, actively listen and feel really heard, share stories of their life and experiences in a safe and non-judgemental way.

Our Sisters of yesteryear ‘cycled’ together in ‘Moon Lodges’ or ‘Menstrual Tents’ to rest and share their culture, their heritage and learnt the wisdom of womanhood from one another, down through the generations in celebration of the Feminine.

Come along to sit in circle for 2½ hours refreshments (teas and snacks) will be provided.  You are invited to share and reclaim your power through gathering in circle and build this sisterhood community - supporting, accepting and nurturing ourselves and one another.

Proposed dates are: 6th Mar / 3rd Apr / 1st May / 5th Jun / 3rd Jul / 7th Aug / 4th Sept / 2nd Oct / 6th Nov / 4th Dec between 6:30pm and 9:00pm.

To book a space contact: jaynepower63@gmail.com for details.

 Prepayment of £20 required to secure your space to ‘Friends and Family’ paypal.me/JaynePower


Face Yoga Workshop

with Pritpal Dogra

Saturday 14th March



to book email: pritpaldogra@hotmail.com

or 07377 721273

Forget everything you thought you knew about BEAUTY!

This is what Pritpal Knows...
Your an extraordinary being who deserves to feel vibrant, youthful and GLOWING at any age!

Face Yoga is an intelligent holistic system of facial exercises, acupressure and massage techniques to tone your skin, tighten your neck, smooth out your forehead, lift those cheek muscles and so much more!

The groovy Face Yoga moves will nourish your skin and make your soul sing! The techniques are fun and they work!  And I also realized something major: true transformation starts within and being ‘worth it’ is YOUR birthright…

So relax and enjoy learning the ins and outs about Face Yoga. Then, we'll get down to the nitty-gritty and put the Face Yoga techniques to the test. It's going to be a lot of fun and giggles today!

As with body yoga asanas, there are many, many postures and almost endless variations to face yoga! I'm going to show you 13  of the main ones today, feel free to take notes as we go along. If you want to know more specific poses and variations I'll have the A3 wallchart that you can purchase for £9.50  and we can go into that at the very end of the workshop. We'll finish the session with spicy veg samosas and a cuppa, and answer any questions you may have.

The morning is all about YOU! I'm looking forward to the community getting together and having a good time! I can't wait to see you all there. :)

Stuff that you should know before booking:
Eligible for beautiful souls aged above 21 years of age.
Price £15.00. *NON REFUNDABLE*
Start time: 11.00 Finish time 12.30  ( 90 Minutes of pure self-care and fun!)

I'm always happy to hear from you! So, drop me a line or call me if you want to chat about anything, otherwise I'll see you super soon!


Community Singing with Ben

Friday 28th February


£3 donation

All welcome. Drop In Session

A lovely, good fun filled evening of singing. Ben leads an easy going evening guiding us all though simple, easy to remember songs. We sing in rounds, we sing with harmonies, and there is absolutely no need to know what you're doing before you come along!

The Clear Space Studio has the most supportive acoustics and the sounds that arise are just amazing. Come and bathe yourself in the beautiful sounds and gentle harmonies we create together.



Creative Voice Play

with Emily Robertson

Tuesday 2nd, 9th, 16th and 23rd March


£30 for 4 sessions

There are so many benefits to health and wellbeing that can be achieved with therapeutic voice including reduced stress, anxiety, muscle tension, physical pain as well as an increased sense of wellbeing and positive mood.  I am currently studying with the British Association of Sound Therapy and have a series of workshops to run as part of my study.

They are all about mobilising the transformational potential of the voice, for play, confidence and connecting with others. We will do a range of activities such as vocal warm up games, learn about soundscapes and play with different shaped soundscapes. The atmosphere will be safe and informal, allowing for you to really explore your voice and have fun. If you are either already familiar with singing (maybe in a choir, teach a choir..) but want to have the space to really explore your edges, or you struggle with your confidence ad could do with the opportunity to grapple with this, this workshop is for you.

It is important you can come to all of them but if you have to leave a few minutes early to pick up kids, that’s not a problem.

As this series of workshops is part of my study, I will need you to fill in a short evaluation form at the end of each session.

To book, please contact me for payment details.


Screen Shot 2020-01-30 at 16.35.36.png

Menstrual Health Awareness Workshop

with Jayne Power

Saturday 7th March



to book email jaynepower@gmail.com

For International Women’s Day in what used to be the Women’s Prayer Room,
now Clear Space Studio, gift yourself, or your BFF an opportunity to
celebrate your innate power – the inner guidance system of your menstrual cycle.
Discover the qualities and how to utilise them to benefit your health and well being.
Leave with a sense of empowerment and possibility.

Jayne has trained with the leading international menstruality experts
(Miranda Gray, Jane Bennett, Alexandra Pope, Uma Dismore Tuli,
Jane Hardwicke Collings, Cathy Skipper amongst others)
 and delivering workshops and circles in women’s wellbeing for many years.

 During this workshop you will explore all of the cyclical processes you are connected to,
I will be guide you through a relaxation to connect to the power centre of your womb,

You will be invited to share your own and witness others stories,
discover alternative products available for your Moontime,
have an opportunity to go deeper with learning about Menstrual Medicine Circles,
and also find out about how you can further participate in a group specifically to journey through a year long exploration of your menstruality with a supportive sisterhood.

Menstruality is a women’s inner intelligence or organising principle leading her home, to herself. 
It is a path that unfolds from menarche to menopause and into her mature years.

This day will include refreshments.  Please bring a packed lunch or eat locally, a covered topped water bottle, notebook & pen, cosy socks and a blanket with you.

Please email jaynepower63@gmail.com if you are interested for further details and how to pay.