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Please contact individual teachers about their classes.


What's On at Clear Space and Create Space:
Clear Space Studio

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Clear Space Moving Meditation

with Zoë

Friday 10am




This is a really simple way to notice how we are feeling and to have a chance to warm up tired muscles and to move though stress and tension.

It's so difficult to describe what happens when we close our eyes, drop inside and let the music take us wherever we need to go. It's definitely something to experience yourself!

Spaces MUST be booked in advance as limited spaces

Bring a water bottle.


Women’s Yoga

with Kelly

Thursday 9:45-10:45am


£10 Drop In

A class for all females of all ages from pre-teens through to post-menopause.  This particular practice is a combination of Hatha and Womb Yoga and is designed to help each female come back to her source power using various movements, breath work and intentions.  You are invited to connect within to go on a gentle journey of discovery back to yourself, to honour your natural rhythms and connect with the divine feminine that each of us are.  You do not need to menstruate or have a womb to join this class, there are no restrictions

Website: https//


Phone 07876 552522

Booking preferred.


Singing Bowl Relaxation

with Zoë


Tuesday 4th June

Sunday 23rd June



A simple, easy way to help our bodies switch to a rest and digest state, rather than our activated stressful state of fight or flight. Deep relaxation is just so needed right now and yet and feel so difficult to do so with so much going on around us. These singing bowl relaxations mean you don't have to do anything other than lie down, get comfy, drop your breath into your belly, and let me and those beautiful singing bowls do the rest!

Spaces MUST be booked in advance as limited spaces

Please bring a blanket or something to wrap around you so you will be nice and warm. Bring a water bottle.

Screenshot 2024-02-28 at 07.42.05.png

Hatha Yoga

with Krista Passberger


Thursday 6:30-7:45pm


Cost: £10

(class package deals available to purchase on my website). Get 40% off your first class using the code FIRSTCLASS at checkout, (via website only). 

Booking essential

To book:


Preferred booking method via

Alternatively contact Krista via 

or 07984625472. 

This is a wholesome class, aiming to bring you into balance, by centring the mind, body and soul.

How? We'll practice a variety of postures (asanas) to create strength and length in the body, move energy through breathwork (pranayama), and focus the mind with guided relaxation and meditation. (Extra sprinkles of magic, include chanting mantra, added balances and aromatherapy!)

Happy Hips

with Rhi Jones


Wednesday 6:30-7:30pm

6 week block: 5th June-10th July


Cost:  £40 for 6 week series, £10 for single class pass

Booking preferred:


This accessible hatha class will be anchored in menstrual cycle awareness, honouring the inner seasons of your cyclical nature. Each week will serve to release and open those tight hips! Allowing you to find more ease and flow - mentally, physically and emotionally.

You don’t need to know which phase of the cycle you’re in or have a menstrual cycle. All those who identify with a cyclical rhythm are welcome.

Variations and props are offered to support your body and assist in finding your version of each pose. This class will meet you where you’re at, whilst delivering a blend of gentle movement and challenge.

Whether you're a beginner, an improver or you want to align your current practise with your hormonal ebb and flow, you will feel empowered and restored after this class!

Screenshot 2022-08-20 at 11.25.50.png

Hatha Yoga

with Lizzie



9:30 - 10:30am


To book contact:


You can book by contacting Lizzie on 07870345216
or book online

Stretch your way into Monday Morning with Lizzie.

A flowing class that links breath & movement. Lengthening & strengthening the body whilst offering a balm to the mind. Techniques are taught which can help ease anxiety, self sabotage & recurring negative thought patterns.

All levels welcome.

Mats & yoga props provided.


Classpass options available please get in touch for more details.

Spaces are limited, so please book to secure your space:



Clear Space Singing

with Frances Keenan

Monday 11am-1pm


Cost: £10-£5 sliding scale

Gentle 3 & 4 part harmony songs taught by ear. For any age and ability, and purely for enjoyment, not for performance. A 2 hour session with a short break in the middle

Angela BB pic.jpg

Pregnancy Yoga

with Angela


Monday (not Bank Holidays)

7 - 8pm

Cost: £9 drop in

£11 drop in.

£50 for a block of 5 to use in 8 weeks

or £95 for a block of 10 to use in 13 weeks.

Booking essential

To book contact:

Angela on 07758114844

Classes include breath practices, movement and yoga nidra that aim to help you feel at ease, comfortable, nourished and to help bond with your baby or babies. It also includes information about biomechanics so that you may foster an embodied understanding of how everyday movement and a yoga practice can contribute towards an empowered and positive birth.

Everything we do helps to foster acceptance, self-awareness and ways of helping to be calm and centred. These are so helpful during pregnancy, the preparation for birth and all through the journey of motherhood.
When you come along to a class you might want to wear something comfortable, you may bring a drink of water in a closed container and maybe even have a light snack (before and after the class).

During the class listen to your body by only doing what feels good. Remember you can stop at any point. Use props to help support your practice, even in resting positions


Screen Shot 2022-01-24 at 14.18.10.png


with Givens Kaonga


Friday 6pm to 7pm


(Chartered Physiotherapist and APPI Certified)

1:1 also available.

To book contact:

Givens Kaonga-Dart - 07979 915866




Create Space Studio

Holistic massage

with Zoë Mason


Appointments by arrangement

Cost: £50

Holistic massage uses a combination of techniques to help release tension and to help you drop into deep relaxation.

Create Space Studio is available to hire
by the hour, half day, or full day.
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