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The first thing I lose is myself

I woke early today and instead of running into the busy-ness of a new school term and getting children ready for school, I closed my eyes and sat with my already noisy brain. I had so much running around in my head, that for once, instead of following the looping conversations, I asked my head what was it that was really underneath it all. After much resistance, and several sidetracking thoughts, I heard “You don’t have to save the world, you need to save your world.” That stopped me in my tracks.

I had woken up worrying about the children, how to fit everything in for them, how to mange work, how to get the studio busier, how to do that when I am hearing how volatile the economy is, the cost of living crisis, and I realised I was flattened even before the day had begun.

So I waited to see if there were any insights into how I can look after myself and the answer was there. Find enough time to create space for me and not keep landing in overwhelm.

Considering what my job is- the answer is pretty simple. Go to something each week that gives me space to drop out of the every day stresses and worries, even for an hour or two. A group where I can move my body- even slowly to notice how my muscles are tensed up, or to give me a flash of noticing how I’m holding my breath, so I can just do that differently for a while.

The most powerful realisations can come through the simplest of moments. Being in a group of others and realising I’m not the only one feeling preoccupied or stuck. Making connections with people in my community. Noticing that if i move a bit, my body just does feel better. How letting someone else guide me, means I can relax and give myself over to something other than striving to get through the day.

In these uncertain times, the first thing we let go of it often space for ourselves. It costs us around £10 for a class. Can we really afford that? Is it wasteful?

My thought is, why is it the first thing I let go of it the simplest way I can feel better? I can’t really afford to not take some space each week away from everything that takes me over. Just one or two sessions a week gives me space to wake up my tense muscles, remember to notice my breathing, and the profound power of being able to notice my thoughts. If I can really notice what is running around my head, I can find some compassion for myself. Compassion. Wow. With compassion I can stop believing the worries and make space for understanding and for change to come in. I'd pay ten times that amount to help me gain perspective. Perspective means I can make better choices in my day to day life.

We have this purpose built studio, clean and beautiful, waiting for you to come and take some space for yourself. It is so powerful to do that in a group. It is much easier to take regular care of ourselves if we commit to something each week. Why not take a look at our classes and drop in to a taster session? We’d love to have you join us.

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