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Planting Our Seeds

We planted these bulbs at our Imbolc NOURISH Workshop during our opening ceremony at the very beginning of February.

We sat in circle and everyone was invited to come forward and speak of something they wanted to bring forward for themselves. What seeds would they want to plant for just them, not anyone else this time! Something to bring in to nourish their own lives.Then we planted our bulbs, one by one. We promised to tend to these new seeds, this potential change, for the women there because we think it is so important to have support when we are making new paths for ourselves. We have watered those bulbs and fed the soil, and just look at them now! When the conditions are right; the light, the soil, the food, the love- things start to grow and eventually bloom. We have been watching these intentions take root and as we have, we’ve noticed something. That intentions, new seeds, new ways don’t all emerge and grow at the same rate. Some of these flowers have grown slowly, one is little more than a brand new shoot, others have burst forth with some great urgency. Things take their own time. We sow our seeds. We nourish them. Give them the right conditions, and then we need to remember to be patient and allow the unfolding to come as it needs to. Sometimes, our intentions are ready to burst into life straight away, other times, it takes a bit longer, but they grow all the same.

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