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But what IS this Moving Meditation?! Come, come let's talk a while...(before we move together)

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

So often, I get asked what this is: this Clear Space Moving Mediation and I always wonder how to describe it. Primarily because everyone experiences it differently; I just provide the place, structure and music, and the rest really is your own experience.

The other reason I sometimes falter is because people often say they are nervous of what this method is. That they can ‘feel’ it might be powerful. Well, it is powerful in the best of ways.

Just think 30 years ago, the majority of people in the West had some hesitation, and maybe a bit of fear, around what were then seen as the unusual concepts of yoga and meditation. Fast forward to today, and these method as regarded as every day practises; just think how many yoga classes are held in your local area.

It is widely accepted that relaxation and stillness bring about a healing state, one that Dr Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School named the “relaxation response”. It is now more understood that in partnership with stillness, Active Relaxation is also fundamentally important to our wellbeing. Passive relaxation is incredibly beneficial: just think of how it feels to get a great night’s sleep or to spend an evening with good friends. However, active relaxation where you take part in activities or pastimes that can help tone your physical body and that also have a mental component to quiet your mind can help you drop into your happy place, release endorphins, your bliss state, or physically releasing stress and tension are just as beneficial. This happy place, or following your bliss, helps you move from a stress state (how tiring it is to live in this western, technological, busy society) and gives the body and mind a chance to drop into the rest and digest state; relaxation whilst moving our bodies.

Clear Space Moving Meditation is just another way to access this state of active relaxation. A chance to drop out of the mind chatter and to drop into the body by using movement, breath and rhythm. We are active as we move and we notice how we are feeling, then we move it to allow it to discharge. Then we can really hear our inner guidance system and give it space to guide us. This can happen on the mat in yoga, or as we move with eyes closed in our moving meditation. Then when we have moved, we drop to the ground to be still. The stillness is facilitated by crystal singing bowls and we can just let go; here the passive relaxation is embraced.

“Many scientists, musicians, doctors and health practitioners refer to the undisputed power of sound as preventative, restorative and advanced promoter of health and healing. The idea of using sound to facilitate change within the body is not a contemporary notion. Sound as a form of healing was an intimate part of almost every culture on earth. It has been considered among the oldest forms of healing on the planet. It wasn't until recently that sound is now being used in university research medical programs as part of the emerging field of Vibrational Medicine.” (Nicole Perez) The lie down and stillness is a fundamental component to this method.

Everything is about balance. Active relaxation supported by passive relaxation. Physical activity complimented by mental relaxation. Mental health matters and having space to drop physical amouring and tension patterns in the body is a simple and accessible way to do this.

This session doesn't ask you to move a certain way or to have a particular level of fitness. You can lie down and let the experience wash into you that way if that is what you need to do. We are an easy going group made up of people from different walks of life. We have no particular way of thinking or belief system, and the best bit is we all become part of each other's support system. We move together because we trust each other. We feel safe to let go of how we think we should be and feel welcomed when we show who we are. Goodness me, what a gift that is.

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