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Bringing light to darker days

We know, we know... it's cold out there, not that inviting to leave the house if you don't have to. The receding of the light leaves many of us feeling flat and not that inspired. Times seem to be quite hard going for many and so we can see this by some quieter classes at the studio.

We feel it. It is very real for Lisa and I. How tired we can feel at this time of the world drawing in to sleep in the northern hemisphere.

But do you know something? The thing that is helping with our mental health and our aching bodies is MOVING and getting together with others. We too resist going to classes and so push a little harder to get ourselves to participate. Do you know what? (We are sure that you do know!)... we feel better. Every time we start to move, stretch, breathe, get our blood and lymph moving- everything feels so so so much more possible.

One to the most powerful things is being with others. Others who are feeling much as we are. Others who have had to make that extra little bit of effort to get out to a session. Why? Because those shared groans as we start to stretch, the smiles and rolls of eyes means we feel part of a community again. The sharing of our days at the end of a session being us into resonance with each other. We see that we aren't alone in physically and emotionally struggling with the receding of the light and whatever else is happening in our lives. It's not necessary to be alone as the world goes inwards. Each time we make it to a class, it's like a massive out breath. We feel our bodies lighten, our muscles warm and our mental loads seem to lift. Come and join us. See if your day feels lighter. It's so important just now.

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