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After the Ecstasy, The Laundry

We had the most amazing session at Clear Space Moving Meditation this morning. I mean, just amazing. The sessions are always so different but today we tasted happiness and goodness me, it was sweet. I find that words are always inadequate when trying to explain these things. Anyway, afterwards I cleared away and then made my way out of the studios. I was actually BEAMING when I got outside and that delicious sunshine reached my face and the lovely breeze ruffled my hair. As I walked down the road, I had the name of Jack Kornfield’s wisdom filled book pop into my head, ‘After The Ecstasy, The Laundry’. The theme of the book being how do you come back into normal, everyday life when you have peak experiences? How do you hold onto the joy of those times when you need to do the laundry? I pondered this as I got into my car. I chose a beautiful piano centred tune to play on the stereo and drove off with the windows down and that smile still on my face. I must be a master manifestor or something because as these thoughts bubbled around my happy head, a seagull decided to decorate the side of my car full force with it's poo as I drove along- the most surprising bit being that he managed to hit me with a generous amount inside of the car as well as decorating outside of it too. I haven't laughed quite so much in a while. Seagulls produce an incredible amount, it travels a long way when landing at velocity, and it really, really smells. It was just sublime. Not quite the laundry but I did come home and wash the car (which was well overdue!) Brilliant day.

I know the secret to it is to be okay with it all: the ecstasy and the laundry. To be able to smile at them both. To experience the crap and to allow it to be felt because it will shift eventually and compassion can come in for it all. This is the essence of our Moving Meditation on Fridays. It's not always easy to bring what we need to be in on any particular day, but having a space to feel it, see it, listen to it, and move it is a real gift. Come and join us if you fancy diving in.

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