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We believe that each of us has a way of tapping into something that makes us feel good and at ease. Something connecting us and giving a deep sense of belonging. Something moving us out of our thinking, striving minds and letting find peace, rest, expansion - helps us feel grounded, or giving us joy. Sometimes this is called finding our flow. We call it finding our Clear Space.


Clear Space is different things for different people. There are countless ways to find it. There are methods and past times which resonate more than others for each of us. Clear Space Studios is a place for all to come and try different methods to find that thing (or things) to feel clearer. When we regularly return to our sense of Clear Space we increase our overall sense of wellbeing.

All of the community is welcome; from cradle to grave. You're invited to meet, move and nourish a sense of clear space in body, mind and spirit.

We want a home for our work; to give what we do roots, and to work with a rich community of practitioners. We have created a safe, warm, beautiful space for us all to use for the good of the whole community.


Clear Space Studio:

Our main studio. This is a large and light space with huge height and roof beams. Originally the Women's Prayer Gallery, it has a very special, spacious  feel and is perfect for all kinds of movement classes. We have fitted a  Canadian Maple wood sprung floor and provided mats, bolsters and meditation cushions to make your class or workshop as comfortable as possible. Fits 15-20 yoga spaces comfortably, more room for non mat based classes.

Create Space Studio:

A smaller studio with a modular layout so you can shape the space to suit your needs. It is also light and bright with a high ceiling this space making it a great place to meet, make and create. Perfect for craft workshops, creative events, meetings and talks. A space conducive to manifesting dreams and ideas.
Can be booked with or without use of kitchen.




Meet Zoe and Lisa

I am Zoë Mason, one half of Clear Space Studios in Hereford. I run Clear Space Moving Meditation and run classes, workshops and retreats around this method. I am co-founder of the Wild Chocolate Club. I’m also a holistic massage therapist and bodyworker. I am passionate about movement as medicine and have been creating heart felt and welcoming spaces through these practices. This work has nurtured a thriving local community support system.

I am Lisa Wise, the other half of Clear Space Studios. I teach yoga to groups and to individuals in a one to one setting. I run retreats, classes and workshops. I am also a bodyworker and incorporate a range of therapies into my practice, including craniosacral therapy and myofascial release. I am also passionate about movement as medicine and creating a clear space for people to take time out to nourish themselves.


If you would like to book online for either Zoë or Lisa's classes, just click the button below. You can then browse our classes and see which times suit you. You can then book and pay in advance.

Both of us love the work we do and are so excited to finally have a space to be able to give our work roots and a fertile ground to grow from. We are most passionate about allowing people to come home to their bodies. Our modern lives have become so busy and full of stimulation. It can be easy to forget to make time for ourselves.

Clear Space Studios is an oasis in the centre of Hereford where everyone is welcome to find a place of rest and rejuvenation. We invite you to come to our classes and workshops to make some space for yourselves; to move, stretch, dance, breathe, let go of stress and tension, have fun and to be part of a community.

This is where wellbeing starts.

On street parking around the studio is free after 6pm.


Before 6pm, you can pay £3 for 2 hours on the surrounding streets or use the carparks just south of the Old Bridge (off St Martin's Street where parking is slightly cheaper and you can stay for longer)


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If you have queries about a specific class please contact the individual teachers. Teacher details are on the Practitioners page.

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