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Zoë and Lisa
Clear Space Studio

Hatha Yoga Class

with Lizzie

Monday 9:30-10:30am
From 18th November


£7 Drop In
In Lizzie's Monday morning yoga class, movement & breath are synchronised, in yoga flows to lengthen, strengthen, relax & unwind body & mind.
We find stillness in certain poses & use the breath to release tension & tightness in the muscles.

The hour long class also gives you the opportunity to offload & reboot, as you journey inwards .....letting go of things that no longer serve you.
The perfect antidote for the hectic world we live in.

Start where you are.
Use what you have.
Do what you can.

All Levels, welcome

Website:   https//


Phone 07870345216



with Veronika

Monday: 5:45-7:15pm


£7.50 with a prepayment card and £9 as a drop in session.

Reflex Yoga has developed from an understanding of the Primitive Reflex system and how it can be unintegrated or retained in some children and adults. When these ‘reflexes’ are held or set off they can interfere with posture, breathing and relaxation, making Yoga difficult to practice.
Reflex Yoga helps you to release these patterns first and so the body is ready to stretch and integrate . The body and mind can now be calm and can relaxed easily.
The Reflex Yoga moves are easy to do and practice. They can be like ‘short cuts’ to get the body to release tension and so are good for doing a little bit of yoga every day at home.
01600 890966


Tai chi for beginners

with Paula

Tuesday 7:30pm


£7 per session or £18 for a group of 3 consecutive sessions.


Chen style tai chi and qigong. Empowering and energising classes, each one different and sensitively tailored to the energies of the day.

This is a beginners class, but also useful to intermediates who want to reconnect with the basics. With over 20 years experience Paula offers classes that are suitable to anyone seeking skills in reducing stress, anxiety, depression and even a generalised boredom with life.  This is for people who want to get back in flow and feel a deeper level of freedom through laughter and connectivity.
This is a powerfully restorative tai chi practice.  It is a fusion of rhythmic movements that engage, relax and energise. There is no beginning and no end as you tap into your own universal energy and connect back to source.
Through learning new patterns of movement you can shift away from old body patterns and even clear stagnant thought patterns that no longer serve you.  You can breathe deeply and open up your lungs to receive the restorative powerful energy of air, calling up your own peaceful warrior. space.

To book
07854189009, or website:



with Susan James

Monday 7:30-8:30pm


£9 drop in
 (limited spaces)

Beginner to Intermediate Mat Pilates

Working on mobility, core stability & flexibility to improve posture, strength, joint alignment & stability.  Aids relaxation, reduces anxiety, stress, stiff joints and muscles.


Susan has been practicing Health & Fitness for over 20 years. Working closely with special populations for over 12 years, specialising in Cardiac Rehabilitation and Postural Stability. L4 on register of exercise professionals.

My experience of chronic back pain led me to Pilates.

Professional Referrals very welcome.




Heart Led Singing on harmonium and drum

with Katrina  Surya Kalkwarf

Wednesday 11th December 7:30-9pm


£11 at event. £8 paid by PayPal friends and family to

Bring with you a mat, blanket and cushion for comfort to lie and sit.

Lie down and settle in with a sound bath and the gentle Devi prayer sing to you.

Each week we will learn heart songs from many traditions, no experience or knowledge of any religious path required. Building our Kirtan in call and response style, easy to learn we will chant the divine names to experience cosmic connection.
“Chanting creates community.
Singing together we merge and entrain with the divine vibration. A vibrant exchange, a transmission of energy circulating from Hearts to Hearts.”
Led gently with silence and mindfulness interweaved by experienced Kirtan singer/ musician Katrina come and feel nurtured and held in this sacred space.

To book


Create Space Studio

Introduction to Essential Oils

One Monday and one Thursday each month.

£5 plus booking fee

For dates and details contact:


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